Fall-ing in Love with Pinot Noir

Now, I honestly can't remember the last time I went out of my way to drink Pinot Noir.

I don't have anything against this red wine, but I generally turn to Zinfandel or Cabernet when I get the hankering for the darker juice.

But this last Halloween weekend changed things up a little- I very much, a lot dislike Halloween. Not for any particular reason. I just have never been that into it. This dislike led to a weekend get away to Napa where I stumbled across a little place called Emeritus

Holy Patriarch of Pinot.

I found Pinot Noirs that danced around on my taste buds like a unicorn would on a rainbow.

Two of the current releases really struck my fancy and played a huge factor as to why I promptly joined the wine club.

1. The 2014 Ruby Ruby Saignee- shush your mouth with speak of this not being a "real" rose. It is pink wine. And it is damn good pink wine. Pink Pinot that is light but still maintains a full and wonderful mouthfeel. It smells of a little citrus and strawberries and makes you wish it were still summer.

2. The 2012 Emeritus Vineyards, William Wesley- le sigh. We bought two bottles. One for now and one for aging. This Pinot is strong yet delicate and dare I say a little floral somewhere in there? I ended up drinking this with a meat and cheese plate and found it came to life with an olive goat cheese. 

BUT I rarely join a wine club only for the wines, perhaps if I didn't live a skip away from all the vineyards this wouldn't matter as much as the quality of the wine...but I love grounds that provide a little getaway when I need to escape the city...and Emeritus was kissed with fall and I just couldn't say no.

  The Tasting Room and Patio at Emeritus. Modern yet cozy. 

The Tasting Room and Patio at Emeritus. Modern yet cozy.