Artistic Style at Argyle

I have been on a bubble mission for years now.  I've been looking for something reasonably priced and delicious. France just seems to knock it out of the park thanks to Champagne, but I've been hunting for something American made. I never would have expected that I would find that same Champagne experience just outside of Portland.

Let me introduce you to Argyle Winery.

This tasting room is modern and nothing short of mammoth in size. The ceilings are high and dark wood covers the walls and if you take stroll around the building, art from emerging artists is to be found.

 The tasting room was full of tables for sit down tastings and there was room at the bar if you wanted standing tasting. If it weren't for the chill in the air, I would have opted to sit outside and take in the sunset. A venue just as lovely as the wines that can be found inside.

I had read up on Argyle before my trip to Oregon, and was especially set on tasting their sparkling wine. But when it came time to sit and taste...two tastings were needed: their Pinot Noir flight and their sparkling flight. The flights both ran at $18 each. Some might thing that this is a bit pricy for a flight, but trust me, they are worth every penny and the fee is waved if you buy two bottles- and trust me again, you will.

What makes Argyle sparkling wines so phenomenal is how they are made. These wines are made in the traditional sense that they are fermented in the bottle which is incredibly labor intensive and time consuming. But frankly, I think this is the best way to make a sparkling wine. I couldn't resist their 2013 Vintage Brut. This sparkling wine is balanced and the price point is on point as well.

Their Pinot Noir pours did not disappoint either. Four tastes were poured and the stand out for me was the Cowhouse Pinot Noir. This Pinot was full of depth and flavor, and I am kicking myself for not buying a bottle of this along with my other purchases.

After tasting the Pinot Noirs and Sparkling wines, our gracious host let us try some of their Rieslings and their ice wine. Yes, ice wine. This was actually my very first ice wine, and I must admit that I am a fan.


I fully expected myself to come home with bottles and bottles of sparkling wine and Pinot, but I surprised myself and purchases a bottle of the Below 5 Riesling and a bottle of the Nuthouse Riesling. 

Argyle is at the top of my list for places that I recommend people to go when tasting in Oregon. There is something for everyone no matter where on the spectrum their wine tastes fall. This tasting room is perfect for groups both large and small, and has a friendly and welcoming staff that make the experience more than just sipping good wine.

Will I be back? 


Has their sparkling wine become my new party go to? 

I think so.