Copain- Paired to Perfection

Spring is in the air and we hopped over to Healdsburg for the Easter holiday. 

I was on a mission to find this winery after dinner at JoLe in Calistoga (which since has closed) where I was poured one of their Pinot Noirs with a duck entree. This glass of wine has been seared into my brain since...and I FINALLY got my fix.

Now before I over hype this wine. Here is the thing about Copain...this wine is for PAIRING. The wines are great alone, but they truly come to their own when with a friend...specifically a food friend. When you go in for a tasting, the winery does serve a small plate of bread, fruits and cheese with your wine pairing. Be sure to not just down the food to ease a wine induced buzz. Wait and save it for the appropriate wine. You won't regret it. I promise. Unless you are drunk already, the eat all the crackers you can because I don't want you to embarrass yourself.

If you get the chance to make an appointment to taste, do it this Spring or Summer so you can take in these green views provided by the El Nino rains. And be sure to do so with a glass of their DuPratt Chardonnay- which is a new favorite white. This white is still light and bright but has a subtle roundness that satisfies those of us who cling to the over buttered California Chardonnay. 

Now picture yourself enjoying a glass here....

Individual reviews of their wines will come...these are too great to smoosh in this post and cooking the meals that will bring them to light will be just as fun.