Getting Naughty at Donati?

I've been getting down and dirty with Paso Robles wines lately especially with the heat. I love Paso whites, and I got a bit flirty with a chardonnay while visiting Donati Family Vineyard.  

Honestly, the word "naughty" is a bit of a stretch. The tasting room was just downright cute. As if it were decorated by someone who shops only on Etsy. Not that I'm complaining.

The white wines here are what I would recommend giving a try. 

Two bottles ended up leaving home with me: the 2015 rosé and the 2014 Sisters Forever UnOaked Chardonnay. 

This rosé is made from Cab Sav grapes which is a great big YES from me. It is lighter than other rosés that I've had made from these grapes. So finding a lighter cabernet rosé has been nothing short of peachy - that's a pun on the color of this wine.

But of all the wines that I insist you try at Donati, the Sisters Forever Chardonnay is the one that I consider a must. This chardonnay is all steel and all delicious. Tropical fruit without any dryness. As smooth as Alec Baldwin's voice. Oh yes, that smooth. And only $15 a bottle.

I have but two regrets when it comes to Donati:

  1. I didn't buy more wine to take home and share.
  2. I didn't get to taste or buy any of these gems below: 
 so many occasions that these would be such a perfect gift. 

so many occasions that these would be such a perfect gift.