Having a ball at Robert Hall!

Yes, I am still puttering my way through Paso Robles. More specifically, puttering my way up Highway 46 to a vineyard tucked just to the side called Robert Hall.

I have written about Robert Hall in the past because I got my paws on some of their rosé and wrote about it here. But I wanted to take a short minute to give you a peek at the grounds and tasting room. 

Walking to the entrance of this winery is an eye full. A large modern fountain, gorgeous brick, and vines surrounding it all.  The tasting room has huge vaulted ceilings and a modern appeal as well. Multiple wines are available for tasting and the tasting fee is waived with purchase of a bottle.

Feast your eyes and keep in mind that my photography does this place no justice.

And my favorite little bit of this tasting room - aside from the wine- is the rose garden in the back. You can take a stroll and enjoy the pinks and yellows smiling at the surrounding grapes.

As you can see...I'm really just a sucker for roses and rosé. Robert Hall gives me both of these and it makes me quite the happy camper!