Diving into Duckhorn

Now, I am often too lazy to take myself up to Napa Valley. I often stroll up to Sonoma at best, but after recently taking inventory of all the wine in my possession... I realized that I am overflowing with summer pink wine and severely lacking in deep, red wine.


First up on my Napa excursion was Duckhorn Vineyards. The first time I ever had wine from Duckhorn was at a beach front bar in Belize- not exactly where you expect to find high end Napa wine. I've had this place on my list ever since.

This tasting room was in the far north of Napa Valley and quite adorable upon approaching.

I mean, I could just live here and wear dresses and drink tea forever. Well, no, drink wine and sometimes tea forever.

Tasting was on the moderate side in terms of price points. $35 isn't the worst for a tasting in Napa Valley; I've seen much steeper. Honestly, for the pours received and quality of service, I found the price to be worthy of the tasting experience. 

 Skip the cheese and salami pairing here. Great options, but not $20 worth in my opinion. 

Skip the cheese and salami pairing here. Great options, but not $20 worth in my opinion. 

The tasting was hosted on a patio where I could look out and see the grounds from my shaded table. 

Our host was friendly and went beyond the standard tasting so I could tip toe into some of my go-to wines (ahem- chardonnay). And the pours stayed generous. Make sure you have a designated driver because unless you sip and spit, you will not leave here able to drive legally and safely.

The tasting had wines from multiple wineries that are affiliated with Duckhorn including Migration Wines, Goldeneye Winery, and a couple others. Migration and Goldeneye were my personal favorites of the lot. Believe me. I will be writing posts on those places soon enough! I loved that Duckhorn presented their wines along with providing the availability of their sister wineries. While Duckhorn provides some stunning bold reds, they still were able to open my eyes to new places to visit that are in my normal go to wheelhouse. Talk about a win for those of us who want to branch out but still cling to our near and dear. 

If this winery hadn't been my first stop of the day, I would have 100% joined the wine club. 

  1. multiple wines to indulge in
  2. fair price points for the bottles
  3. free tastings at sister wineries
  4. gorgeous location
  5. wonderful customer service

If you are looking for a top notch Napa experience, Duckhorn fits the bill. It is really no wonder that people flock here for the wine. 

Okay, I'll stop. 

Too much Duckhorn while writing this has me quacking up over here.