I don't love every wine I drink especially when it comes to red wine. I often try to pawn off those poor rejected bottles to guests and friends but often feel a tinge of guilt that I'm serving up something that I personally can't even swallow. 

But apparently years ago (since the 1970s), the Basque party people in Spain already had the solution to my problem of refusing to waste even my reject reds.

The answer: KALIMOTXO

It's quite simple: 50/50 red wine and cola.

Both just stirred together and served over ice and in a mason jar for an ultra hipster effect.

That's it. Not even kidding. And dear lawd, it is delicious. Imagine yourself sitting by the pool cramming a burger in your face with this to wash it down. Perfect.

The wine cuts the fizzy of the soda down where it's still bubbly but not burp inducing and the combo of wine and cola creates an extra special cherry soda (at least with the wine I mixed). 

Mix, drink, enjoy, repeat!

Happy end of Summer!