Tom, You do Chardonnay right.

I love Chardonnay. Call me "basic" or whatever you like, but I love it. And that is all there is to it.

Typically, I prefer a steel barrel but Tom...TOM does Oak Chardonnay in a way that I cannot resist.

And by Tom, I am referring to Tom Maas of Pear Valley Winery in Paso Robles.

AND even more specifically Tom's Oak Chardonnay (2013).

This dream maintains a lightness that is perfect on a warm breezy day. Personally, I prefer it with a sea breeze but I'm spoiled.

This Chardonnay isn't crispy in my opinion. Duh. Oak. But here is what makes this so delightful...It's got the full bodied fun of an oaked wine but maintains those wonderful lighter fruit flavors like apples and pears. 

I don't chill this as much as other whites because I think the flavors and smells really come alive when it isn't served up as cold. Less of that "white" wine taste and more actual flavors.

And if my word isn't good enough, this gem sells out FAST. I bought 6 bottles during my last trip to the Central Coast.  It runs at $22 a bottle, but I have a friend in the Pear Valley wine club so HELLO DISCOUNT!  

Here's to the lightest Oak Chardonnay I know!