Bota Box - NightHawk Black

I typically try my best to be diverse in the wines that I post about on here. I think it would get pretty boring if I only posted about the same vineyards over and over and over, BUT I felt like I would make a personal exception for this because I felt like this particular brand deserved a second cheers.

Again we said hello to BotaBox! (The first time was here.)

A little backstory to this view and box of wine: a group of friends and I managed to get our hands on a campsite on Angel Island. No cars here, so we had to hike our gear in... and by gear, I mean wine... and I guess tents and sleeping bags and other not-quite as-necessary things. Simple solution? BotaBox. ONE box equals FOUR bottles

But let's get back to the wine.

The box fit nicely into one of the packs. We kept it in the box for fear of poking a hole in the bag of wine inside the box, but if more space is needed, you can easily remove the bag from the box and smoosh it around to fit whatever space you have.

After setting up camp and a bit of hiking and exploring, it was time to sit back and enjoy the views and the wine. Honestly, we chose this particular BotaBox because NIGHTHAWK BLACK just sounds BADASS. The shallow basis on which we picked this box turned out to be a good one, because this is hands down the best box red wine that I have had to date.

I could be riding the high of a great camping trip, but this box spouted out a cranberry-colored wine with a flavor as deep as the color. This box of happiness is a red blend of California Zinfandel, Petite Syrah, and Syrah. And if you are a bit more of a seasoned wino, you can taste each as you sip: jammy Zin, bright, dark fruits from Petite Syrah, and a lingering tobacco Syrah finish. Yes, my friends, all of this is packed in a cardboard box.

What made this even more magical? We bought this on sale at BevMo for $18.00. There are bargains and then there are miracles. This is a boozy miracle.

Thank you, BotaBox, for our new go-to camping wine and for providing the perfect wine to pair with perfect Bay Area views.