Underwood Pinot Gris

The Oregon wine series is still in swing here at Not Quite A Somm, and apparently, so is can wine. 

My first wine in a can experience was with Portland Sangria and I was definitely feeling it. So I couldn't stop myself when I saw Underwood Pinot Gris in the Portland stores as well.

To be honest, I've seen Underwood wine in San Francisco, but I had never thought to buy it because we all just bring our bottles out in the park without a second thought, but in Portland...people don't seem quite so bold with their public intoxication (not that I am encouraging this behavior by any means). I like wine in parks...therefore, I must have the wine in a can.

I decided to explore this wine while traversing the Portland Japanese Garden

This can fit perfectly in my purse and was a refreshing partner for the afternoon.

I have noted before that I love the convenience of the can of wine, and I really hope that more wineries consider packing up some of their vintages this way. I often crave a glass of a lighter wine like this Pinot Gris but rarely finish the whole bottle if I don't have someone to share it with, so the can is the perfect serving size for me.

As for the wine itself, I can't deny the simple pleasure that this wine provided. Not overly complex and a light mouth feel, this wine is my ideal outdoor delight. The notes of lemon and citrus are bright and don't linger, and I can see myself opening this again in the summer sun.

Needless to say, I'm a new fan to this can wine business...and also of the Japanese Garden...which you can see glimpses of below.