Sunset & Chardonnay

Rodney Strong Sonoma Coast 2013 Chard

San Francisco - typically a haven for fog and perpetual temperatures in the 60s- had a magical rarity where the sun blazed through the marine layer and graced us with glorious heat. This made for a perfect wine Wednesday at Ocean Beach.

I rounded up a few of my overworked friends and we hopped the bus to the beach just in time for one of the most gorgeous sunsets that California has to offer. This light chardonnay was a delightful pairing with such a sight.

This wine is fairly light and nicely rounded on the finish. It has a lot of fun tropical notes with a slight hint of oak but definitely leans more towards a French-y steely taste. It was bright and citrus-like (I feel like that is a standard chardonnay thing to say). This wine was refreshing with the heat but stood up to the salty air and cool ocean breeze. Not exactly buttery. Not dry. Not sweet but pleasantly fruity.

This gem runs around $25.00 a bottle at full price and received 95 points from Wine Spectator (if you are into arbitrary number ratings like me.). 

This is a solid beach or park wine especially for those who aren't the biggest fans of Sav Blancs or drier whites that people tend to gravitate towards for outdoor boozing. really show you how we enjoyed this wine...Enjoy sunset from Ocean Beach, San Francisco with me and my friends.