Emeritus- 2013 Hallsberg Pinot Noir

I'm still on my Pinot Noir bender. I can't get over the complexity and layers that this stuff can pack. No longer the weaker red that I used to think of it as, but I digress. 

Let's talk about this Emeritus Pinot from Hallsberg. 

 Behold! Pinot with a Painting because I had nothing else for a background. 

Behold! Pinot with a Painting because I had nothing else for a background. 

This bottle currently takes about $40 out of your pocket. Not cheap but not the most expensive. 

When you first take a sip of this, it is like....POW TARTNESS...if you enjoy that sort of tongue slapping flavor profile...chug immediately upon opening. For those who don't enjoy that, like myself, let this baby sit and open up for a bit. A decanter would be a good friend to you with this wine.

Now after giving this juice some time, sip and you still get hit with berries. I would venture to say the sweet and tartness of cranberries. Personally, I say yum to that. After you get the berries, the wine rolls into mellow oak spices and baking spices. The wine is not too light but definitely not heavy at all. Not too dry or tannic either.  

I really wish I could have had this around Thanksgiving with some turkey and stuffing and all the fixin's, but since it was a lazy girl's friday night, I drank this with olive infused goat cheese and prosciutto. The goat cheese made the wine less tart and I just eat prosciutto whenever I can for any reason at all so I really can't give a fair assessment of how it paired...because in my world proscuitto pairs with all things.

and to conclude- more pictures for your viewing pleasure and more about the winery that I got this wine from here