2014 MacRostie Russian River Pinot Noir

While the rest of California spent the Summer solstice melting in the heat, I spent the sunset walking my small San Francisco neighborhood. The Pacific Ocean keeps the evenings chilly even when the days are warm. This means that I get my Summer whites during the day and my cozy reds at night.

And this night deserved a bottle of the 2014 MacRostie Russian River Pinot Noir. 

This wine is just perfect for a slightly chilly day. I prefer it sitting on a stoop with a light jacket with a friend and long conversations. This is not a gulping wine. Shame on you if you do. This wine is plump with fruit but not overwhelmingly so. Mostly blackberries. The softness of the wine is mixed up with little tannins. In fact, if this wine were a rapper, I would call it Drake. Soft but tries to have a little bit of edge. But not near enough edge to make you remotely think of it as harsh. The tannins just add a little itty bitty dry to the palette and a wonderful spice that makes you smile with each sip. 

 This is more of a shake than a swirl but that color though!

This is more of a shake than a swirl but that color though!

This runs at $42.00 a bottle and is not something you generally find chilling out on your grocery store shelf, but is definately worth hunting down if you are Pinot Noir fiend such as myself. 

And just to set my sipping setting for the other night, here are a few snapshots of my stroll.