14 Hands- Hot To Trot - Columbia Valley 2013

This Wednesday, I had no will to leave my apartment. Even the lure of my favorite wine bar couldn't get me out of my sweatpants. The evening was crying out for two things that cost me as much as one glass of wine at a bar.

Kraft Mac n Cheese and a bottle of Hot to Trot.

 Dinner for One. 

Dinner for One. 

My best friend discovered this wine on sale for $6 one day a couple years ago, and we haven't stopped buying it ever since. Typically, it is about $10 a bottle, but you can find it at Trader Joe's for $7 on the regular. 

When you pop the cork, let this one breathe for a bit. If you have a decanter, use it. Decanters make everything fancier anyway. Trust me on this one. When this wine opens up, it shows the most depth I've found in a bottle of wine on the lower grocery shelves. (Shame on grocery store for making me bend over to pick it up.)

The first notes of this wine when you open it up are dark fruits. The dark fruits are easily currants and cherries- frankly, they slap you across the tongue. The wine is smooth and mild with the tannins. And while I do love the fruit in this wine, my favorite part of this wine is the finish. The finish is that of leather and baking spices. It is one of the most comforting combinations to me. I can't help but snuggle up when I drink a glass of this wine. It is dark, but welcoming and warm. Hot to Trot, you little seductress, your name is oh so fitting.

Pairing this deep purple treasure with a $1 box of pasta is probably appalling to most. But I feel like combining a favorite drink from my adult life with my favorite dinner as a child is a happy meeting of the memories.