Goldeneye - 2013 Anderson Valley - Pinot Noir

Pinot. Pinot Noir.

Did you say that like James Bond? Because the winery is Goldeneye and if you didn't think 007 then I just don't know what to think of you.

My friends, I found a new favorite pinot. I feel like I say that about every other Pinot Noir that I come across. But I have officially narrowed it down. COOL WEATHER pinot noir is my favorite of the pinot, and this Anderson Valley Pinot Noir is truly GOLDEN - and so is the label!

This wine takes your taste buds on a total trip.

SIP...blackberries and cherries...earthy leathery stuff....FINISH...woody? 

Not acidic. Slightly tannic. 

That cool coastal terrain in the Mendocino area is so key.

Each and every sip makes you feel wise, sophisticated, and sexy.  It makes me want to swirl the wine glass and make sultry eyes at someone across the room. 

Why yes, I sipped away while sitting by a fire place. A wine like this deserves some ambiance. At $55 a bottle, with my broke ass budget, you better believe that I am making an event out of drinking it. (And yes, it is cold enough where I am for this toasty vibe.)

It is worth every penny, and you can find it at Bevmo and most online retailers or straight from the winery. 

I cannot wait to try more pinot from Goldeneye. If they are anything like this vintage, then I may have found the sexiest pinots of all.

Cheers all you sexy people!