...wine pump?

If you are anything like me, you are giggling over some awkward Austin Powers reference.

But here was my dilemma: It's Tuesday night. I need a glass of wine to decompress. But it's just me. All alone with Netflix. I'm not going to throw back a bottle by myself and deal with a hang over when I have work in the AM. BUT I don't want to risk a decent bottle going bad before I can finish it.

I know what you are thinking...get friends. Share. 

My thoughts: No. Sometimes I just wanna be alone in bed while eating Oreos and drinking wine with no one around to lecture me about crumbs or judge my year round Christmas jammies.

So I hunted for the cure for my problem and I think I found a cheaper solution. Not THE solution, but one that does the trick with my limited budget ( SF rent is no joke. )


This gizmo simply pumps the air out of the bottle. All you do is insert the special wine seal and use the pump to pull out the air. TA-DA! 

And for as inexpensive as this is...it generally works. I'm not using this to seal up a $100 Cab, but just my favorite Pinot Noir or Chardonnay that I don't want to waste. For $15, I'm pretty sure I've already saved that much money by not tossing wine that goes bad over night anymore. Plus I'm pretty sure I saw these being used at a Red Lobster. If that doesn't make them official then I don't know what does.