Wine in a Can - Portland Sangria

I spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in Portland trying all the wine that Portland and the Willamette Valley seemed to offer. Pinot Noir just spilling out of my pores by the end of the trip. (not that one can really complain about that)

But when wandering one of the many oh-so-hipster corner stores in southeast Portland, I stumbled across a can of wine that reminded me of an old can of Budweiser. I really don't like much beer aside from sours so I found this can to be extra kitchey.

I bought it immediately and promptly cracked it open while walking through Mt. Tabor Park.

Sweet Pink Juice. This can of happiness is a bubbly brew of rosé, fruit juice, and spices. I only wished I had discovered it in the heat of the summer and not the chills of the northern Pacific fall. The raspberry and loganberry offset the dry bubbles remind me of poolside barbeques. Then I am hit with the baking spices on the finish that round out this unique blend. 

This can cost me a solid $6 from the corner store, but you get more for your money if you buy it in the giant bag or direct from the makers at Enso Winery

I'm still on the fence with can wine, but this one certain set me in the direction of being in favor of this new way of serving up my favorite drink. The can is convenient and easy to transport for relaxing walks in the park. No need to carry around a corkscrew or cups- easy wine access- personal purse wine. No fuss when enjoying the life that is going on around you.

Oh Portland, you and your canned wine are just so wonderfully and beautifully weird.