Cuppy Wine Time - Xo, Wine by Giuliana Rancic

I struggled for a hot minute on whether to stick this in my "sipping" section or "trying" section. But after taking this wine out a few times, I decided that this is meant more for "trying" because the heart of this wine is in the gimmick it is served in...and frankly, not so much the wine itself.

With that said, say hello to Xo, G Wine

 Look at these cute little individual sized wine cups! 

Look at these cute little individual sized wine cups! 

These are just plain cute. I first saw them on Pinterest, but could not find them ANYWHERE. But then it happened. It was 11pm at night and I was in my home town hunting shampoo at the Super Wal-Mart. Sitting on a aisle corner...piles of these..for only $9 a stack - a stack being 4 cups. 

So first things first, this is solid pricing for 4 cups of wine. I would say this is about the same amount of wine as a full bottle. $9 bucks? Heck yeah. You can get them online for about $12.00 but I'm sure if you have a local distributor then you can find it for about what I did. 

Each cup comes sealed like a cup of yogurt with a plastic tupperware type lid over the seal. Um hello, how handy is this? Each cup is meant to be single serve and re-sealable...just in case your sissy ass can't hang.  

I absolutely love this concept. Being able to not waste an entire bottle when the squad isn't down to sip is on point. The wine is what you would expect for the price point and marketing. Not complex but totally drinkable. The rosé is dry and sweet and the pinot noir isn't half bad either.

The lid is handy, but it does have a slight leaking problem. This could have been just my glasses in particular and the fact that we roughed them up in some backpacks when heading to the park and beach...or maybe there is a slight flaw in the construction of the glasses? I might have to buy more to test just to be extra sure of my findings.

But overall, I love this super fun concept. It might need a little work but Xo, G wine is a great way to save the hassle of bringing a bottle and glasses and a wine opener on your next adventure. 7/10- would experiment again.