Hot Chocolate & Wine - An Experiment in Sweet

Red wine just seems to go with anything these days, especially according to Pinterest. Last year, we mixed red wine with Coca Cola to make Kalimotxo. And now, we mix red wine chocolate.

I saw this concoction all over my Facebook and Pinterest. It seemed simple enough so the ingredients were purchased.


Red Wine- I went with a sweeter red for this sweet treat- you can pick what you want but it felt right for my friends and I

Milk- Yes, that is lactose free milk you see. I am pretty lactose intolerant and I didn't want the added sweetness that soy or almond milk adds.

Chocolate- Dark chocolate because it is the best chocolate

Now, the rest of this is pretty simple.

 Step 1 - add a couple cups of chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl 

Step 1 - add a couple cups of chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl 

Step 2 - Microwave the chocolate in about 30 second increments and stir each time as you heat it up. Keep doing this until the chocolate is completely melted and smooth.

Step 3 - Combine milk and melted chocolate in a pot on medium heat til the two are combined.

Step 4 - Add the wine! and stir. Feel free to drop the heat at this point and continue stirring. Taste and add more chocolate, milk or wine til it is to your liking. I personally added more milk because the concoction can be a BIT sweet.

And finally! You are all done! Grab a mug and serve it up!

Fair warning! This drink is incredibly sweet. Even after we added more milk to even it out, it still was too hard to finish a whole mug without a stomach ache. So if you have a sweet tooth, this is certainly a fun way to down some wine.